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What is PST?

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Psychological skills training (PST) is the systematic and consistent practice of mental skills. PST can be  used to help athletes improve performance, increase enjoyment in sport, and improve self-satisfaction. 

To most effectively use PST, athletes should: 

  • Understand the importance of mental skills in sport and how they can impact sport performance. 

  • Be taught what the mental skill is, why it is important, and how to use it in practice and/or competition. 

  • Incorporate mental skills into both their practice and competition

The Mental Skills

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Goal Setting

Establishing an action plan designed to motivate athletes to become more productive and effective.

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The creation or recreation of a sport experience or image in the mind. Imagery is deliberate and multisensory.


The words or phrases we say to ourselves. They should be positive, motivating, meaningful, and easy to remember.

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Control emotions, focus on the task, and get in the zone. Your routine is 100% in your control!

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Focus on relevant information and block out distractions.

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Managing Emotions

Emotions are our reactions to events, interactions or outcomes in sport. Coping strategies can help reduce stress.

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Psyching Up

Strategies used when feeling below desired energy levels.

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Strategies used when feeling above desired energy levels.

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